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UPS Tiktok

16.5 millions organic views from our top posts (and counting).


UPS started their TikTok with us. We grew it from 0 to where we are now. At first the process was slow and clunky, but now we can turn a video around in one day.

Doors vs Wheels

9.3 Million Views

We spotted the conversations around "Doors vs Wheels" but we didn't have many resources to react, so we went to what we did have: a bank of stock photos and videos.

4 Hour Turnaround

From conception to posting, this video was a 4 hour turnaround. The client approved our idea in the first round and gave us the password to their Tiktok account so that we could post it ourselves.

The Results

9.3 M Views

1.3 M Likes

17.3 K Comments

26.9 K Saves

45.5 K Shares

The Clapback

3.6 Million Views

Since everyone was loving UPS's take on the doors vs wheels debate, we made a part 2. This time we responded to the GoPro comment that tried to challenge our napkin math.

So how did we respond? More napkin math.

We were able to turn around another video within 6 hours.

The Results

3.6 M Views

314.6 K Likes

4,707 K Comments

14 K Shares

ASMR: UPS Edition

1.5 Million

We took the most UPS thing there is, boxes, and created this ASMR montage.


We only had one take with this production because once our talent ripped all the boxes up, it was done.

The Results

1.5 M Views

12.6 K Likes



Thirst Trap

1.3 Million Views

"Accidental Thirst Trap" was a trend in January 2023. Everyone knows that UPS drivers are walking, delivering, thirst traps.

So with a shirt that we created on our own, we made a drivers thirst trap which Elise Meyers ended up parodying.

This video was taken down a month after posting because of some accidental copyright issues on the clients end.

The Results

1.3 M Views

122.8 K Likes

378 K Comments

870 K Shares

How much stuff do you need to be happy


This was made as a spoof of peak season ordering for Cyber Monday.


We were asked to create TikTok's for UPS, but there was no budget, and zero resources for us. We asked UPS for our own uniforms to make content, but they were taking months, so we just went to goodwill and created our own using an embroidery machine I bought a few years ago.

The Results

800.5 k Views

12.1 M Likes

70 K Comments

435 K Shares


Art Director: Christian Smith

Copywriter: Landon Hall

Strategy: Taylor To

Account: Savannah

Project Manager: Jessica Lockwood

Account Executive: Hayden Cheek

The Uniform


We knew that in order to create content people were going to respond to, we needed to show a UPS driver.

We didn't have a driver, but we could turn ourselves into one. So with my sewing background we went to Goodwill and found brown clothes. I embroidered the UPS logo over the top of an Under Armor logo and Voila, we could turn ourselves into UPS drivers.

Quick Turn Around

We created this uniform in 2 hours, and then we made 3 TikTok's that same day. Since making this uniform we've tripled the amount of TikTok's that UPS was making per week.

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