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Sound. Sleep.

The Ask

create a new brand for
the new audio-haptic
adjustable base & Mattress

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Good Vibe Sleep is a speaker-infused adjustable bed frame paired with a mattress to optimize performance and rest.Good Vibe Sleep harnesses technology to create a fusion between entertainment and wellness. You can feel the roar of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or feel the calming Solfeggio frequencies.Visit the site below to see it live.

White GVS Logo-01.png

Month Lead to launch

New Products

Assets Created


Legends Home is primarily a B2B company, but they want to get into the DTC game. I created visuals that would target their higher earning, health conscious, and tech forward target market. Besides partnering with the Web Developer to create the DTC site, I was tasked with creating all the marketing content for their B2B efforts.



- Product Photography

- New Branding

- Brand Guidelines

- Website

- Product Renders

- POP Marketing Materials

- Tradeshow Marketing Materials
- Launch Video
- Social Media Ads


I worked to create a look, feel, and voice for the social media that is still being rolled out. When creating the brand I steered toward branding that would pop on social pages and be hard not to notice, as well as bringing in elements of 



I worked with our render house, CGI Furniture, to create our modeled assets for the launch. I provided them with reference materials, layer structures, and high resolution photography to create the 3D models. These were perfect for our product pages and lifestyle images, see below.


Working with a Videographer and SFX artist, Brandon Hemsley, we create video assets for the launch video. We wanted to let people see what it feels like to lay on our sound base and what kind of experience they would have. These are stills taken from that SFX work.

Informational Graphics

Working with a 3D artist from Fiverr, I art directed the exploded view of the mattress layers that appears on product pages and marketing materials.

Print/Magazine/OOH Ads

We quickly needed ads to pop in the magazines and elevators of the National Furniture and Bedding Market at Las Vegas.