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(of water to make one t-shirt)

700 Gallons is a fanny pack brand I made. I upcycled jackets and turned them into fanny packs by recycling the fabric and zippers. By joining in on upcycling, we can help the lessen the impact of pollution and waste on the world.

700 Gallons

700gal Logo-01.png

At first I used a pattern to cut out around 16 pieces from the jacket fabric and then sew all of them together. This still wasted a lot of materials

I wanted to find a way to use the zippers already on the jackets l. When I brought the jackets home to work on them I started to unstitch the zippers, but then I realized I could use the pockets that already existed.

The process I came up with creates 2 fanny packs per jacket, uses only one stitch, and doesn't require any complicated sewing. Here's a gallery of fanny packs from that design.


Art Direction: Christian Smith

Model: Emily Smith

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