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UPS Instagram

We quadrupled engagement on the UPS Instagram after joining the team.

The Deliverer

The Deliverer is the superhero we created for UPS during the week of Comic-Con. It became one of our best performing posts of 2022 on instagram.

Comic 1



Comic 2



Role: Art Director, Copywriter: Landon Hall, Designer: Matt Wieringo, CD: Kevin Ragland, Producer: Nicole Del Rosario, Strategy: Taylor To

Blitz Recruiting

UPS was thousands of workers short for the 2021 peak season, so in 2 weeks we turned this piece around to air on Hulu, Youtube, CTV, and all social channels.


This activation for halloween encouraged followers to make jack-o-lanterns out of their leftover cardboard boxes. Our DP was having a hard time keeping the camera slider level for this shot, instead of forcing it we decided to lean in to the tilting effect. 


We studied the engagement that was going on before starting on the UPS social team. These key things informed our social strategy.

1. The community is already present they are just waiting for UPS to post relevant content.

2. UGC, people want to see themselves, people they know, or something cool.

Here is a selection of the UGC that we curated.

people don't know

UPS offers dozens of services.

We made :15 animations of UPS products and services that many people were unaware UPS offered.