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Little Caesars

Real Pizza, Real Dress.

Spec work.


Silver Addy - Utah Addy's

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We wanted to make inexpensive pizza classy. So we combined low prices with high fashion. This is a collaboration that could walk in New York Fashion Week and into your local Little Caesars.


Out of Home

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Pizza AR

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Pizza AR allows people to dawn fresh fashion from Little Caesars. It turns whatever cloths they are wearing into fresh, hot pizza.


Real Pizza, Real Dress.

We used around 40 pizzas to create these masterpieces in a 14 hr day. I designed and sewed the dress that we put on our model and with the help of our wives, we loaded 50 lbs of pizza onto it.

It took months of planning and prep in order to pull it off in one day, but we had to make sure we had real fresh pizza.



Copywriter: Landon Hall

Art Director: Christian Smith

Production Assistants: Jessica Hall, Emily Smith

Designer: Austin White

Photography, Editing: Christian Smith

Colorist: Asher Hutchins

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