TikTok Work

UPS started their TikTok while we were working on their social channels, but didn't give us access. After gaining trust, building rapport, and creating original content unsolicited, they let us in.

Our Pitch

We delivered a simple plan that made it clear how UPS could have a successful TikTok.

It worked.

We took over their social,

9.3 Million

organic views in one post

Doors vs Wheels

We spent some of our time spotting trends and jumping on board on the UPS TikTok. We spotted the conversations around "Doors vs Wheels" but we didn't have many resources to react, so we went to what we did have: a bank of stock photos and videos.

6 Hour Turnaround

From conception to posting, this video was a 6 hour turnaround. I found footage of trucks driving around, cut them together, and my copywriter (Landon Hall) wrote the in video copy. We sent one round to the client who approved it, and gave us the password to their Tiktok account so that we could post it ourselves.

The Results (All Organic)

9.3 M Views

1.3 M Likes

17.9 K Comments

26.9 K Saves

45.5 K Shares

Note: We created a follow up post that @'d GoPro and got over 3.6 million views. You can watch it here

1.5 Million

organic views for tapping and scraping

ASMR - UPS Edition

We worked hard to convince the client to tap into pop culture phenomenons, including filming an ASMR video for TikTok, all focussed around UPS products.


Working with a model and our in-house production arm at Martin, Superjoy, we were able to create this video remotely. We only had one take, so we rehearsed probably 20 times before hitting the record button.

The Results (All Organic)

1.5 M Views

12.6 K Likes


792.8 K

organic views for featuring ourselves

How Much Stuff Do You Need?

We knew that in order to create content faster for TikTok, we couldn't be weighed down by long and expensive productions for every single post. That's why we went ahead and created our own uniforms and started filming our own content for UPS.


I happen to have a hobby of embroidery and clothing manipulation, so we took to Goodwill and found some brown clothes and created a uniform. Here is one Tiktok that we have made with it and then some BTS on creating the uniform ourselves.

The Results (All Organic)

792.8 K Views

12 K Likes