Sound Engineer & Editor: Dillon Hansen
Manager: Sophie Haws

18% Gray is a podcast for the Adlab to help kids in the program learn from the plethora of experiences of their classmates, alumni, and hopefully in the future, industry professionals.

I started 18% Gray because I wanted to hear all the experiences from our classmates who were before us.  It seems like every year the seniors that walk out the door take their experience with them, leaving the rest of the program to figure out the same problems the generation before already worked through.

I named the podcast 18% Gray because when photographers and designers work with color for too long we slowly see colors differently because of fatigue.  What might look like a good photo at the end of an edit, won't look good by the time you come back to it with fresh eyes. These professionals use 18% gray cards to reset their vision and let them see true color. The 18% gray podcast helps adlabbers reset their vision on the creative problems they are facing through the experiences of others who have already worked through those problems.

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